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z\so cool [22 Dec 2007|05:43pm]
[1] skaskaska

just awesome [05 Dec 2007|04:48pm]

i said wtf and thought it was hilarious
[4] skaskaska

yea [06 Nov 2007|09:40pm]
im just posting something to get the balls of my friends page because its getting really annoying

this ones much better [01 Oct 2007|12:57am]
[4] skaskaska

college is great [24 Sep 2007|07:48pm]
bunch of stuff goin on

but thats not what this is for


listen to this
[1] skaskaska

RIT [28 Aug 2007|08:10pm]
so schools pretty much awesome. i feel like i know 53464564 people aready. E-house is the best thing ever. example: right now im in our floor rec room with about 10 other people playing pool, guitar hero and darts. all around good time all the time. who knows when school starts tho, but if its rough theres help everywhere. and there are girls here, just not as many as other places i think. im so glad i didnt stay home and go to UB
[3] skaskaska

Did I ever tell anyone about this idea? [17 Aug 2007|03:46pm]

I finnaly decided to do it, it took 5 seconds.
[1] skaskaska

[08 Aug 2007|01:08am]
[ mood | creative ]

work work work
paycheck this week of $570
worth it

[4] skaskaska

think of it what you will [08 Jul 2007|06:50pm]
[6] skaskaska

gorilla radio [18 Jun 2007|07:28pm]
5 middle fingers, 6 pictures taken, 1000 honks, 500,000 waves, and 1,000,000 smiles later, i no longer work as a gorilla at mike Barney Nissan.
[2] skaskaska

work [16 Jun 2007|11:57am]
[ mood | gotta poo ]

anyone see a gorilla jumping around and waving on Sheridan drive at mike Barney Nissan? that was me

last appearance is on monday

[2] skaskaska

Which should i do the getting [25 May 2007|02:18pm]


[10] skaskaska

just cause [06 May 2007|01:43am]
let it be known, that this was the best week in a long time.

[02 Apr 2007|02:21pm]
[1] skaskaska

i just dont get it [15 Mar 2007|10:26pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

what does everyone want? is there something im just not getting? if anyone can tell me soon that would be great

[5] skaskaska

[04 Mar 2007|09:54pm]
[ mood | excited ]

i got me a sabres jersey, finnaly

[3] skaskaska

100% done with college crap [11 Jan 2007|04:37pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


[3] skaskaska

yes i need to? [09 Jan 2007|11:41pm]

[24 Dec 2006|02:47am]
just cause everyone else said it
tso was amazing

and i got $12,000 each year to go to kettering
in michigan not ohio
and still dont know if i wanna

the first one [12 Dec 2006|05:59pm]
[ mood | accepeted ]

i just got a call
on a phone
actualy while taking a dump
i was told i am accepted to college
kettering university to be exact
go me

[2] skaskaska

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